About Box Loader

Box Loader – Recycle the Fun!

Box Loader

Box Loader is a fun stacking and loading game for all ages.

Help the main character, Cargo, who is a concerned, former delivery driver turned hero, save the planet by recycling the boxes into his partner, R-Cycle. They’re on a mission together to catch the falling boxes and items and to put them where they belong: in the recycling bin. Using a touch screen function, touch the box or items as they fly off the truck bed, fall from birds, cranes, and much more.

You’ll have 90 seconds each round to stack and load 8 of each colored box before the time runs out to advance to the next round.

At the end of each round, the box counter will keep track of how many boxes you stacked and let you know your score.

Compare your score with other players and see where you rank! Share your score with friends to compare.

Use the upgrade feature to change your boxes into your choice of Cakes, Fish, Balls, or Food!

Box Loader—Recycle the fun!


  • Animated Character Graphics
  • Visual/Sound/Music
  • Score Tracking
  • Colorful Boxes & Items
  • Additional Item Purchase Options
  • Touch Screen Gaming
  • Menu
  • Round Play
  • Share Scores

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