About This Site

trans-image This site is designed to bring awareness to the new Applications launched by C-Note Enterprises and available for your free download today! Browse the online store and order products with our App Icons applied or our Company Logo. Sign up for the monthly Newsletter that’s topping the charts, “The Mobile Download” and check out what’s going on in the mobile market along with special features, interviews, and event announcements. Check out the new viral YouTube video for the Launch of C-Note Enterprises LLC. Leave a comment in the comment section or check out our weekly blog post. Whether it’s a cool App created for you to socialize and share with your friends or a fun new game to entertain you and your kids, C-Note Enterprise is here to create a great user experience with our applications and we’d love to hear your feedback. We want to bring value to you as a user and help you to hopefully become a loyal customer to our brand of Apps for years to come. So check out our Apps: IP (IDEA Pitch), BL (Box Loader), And WW (Weather Wiggy). Enjoy the fun!