About Us


To become a top brand of mobile applications used worldwide by the mobile community.


A bay area based Mobile Application Company dedicated to the design and launching of its own unique application ideas to bring a great experience and value to users around the globe.


About The Company

A new LLC company founded by its President, Carlton Franklin in August 2015. As a sole proprietorship startup, the company was created to design the unique application ideas of its President. The goal is to start small and eventually scale in the near future as the brand continues to grow. Currently the company partners with specific teams of freelancers to design and develop the President’s application ideas to make his dreams become a reality and deliver a valuable entertaining experience to the user.

Special thanks to the whole team at C-Note Enterprises LLC. for making my dreams become a reality.

I’d like to thank the teams behind the Applications Idea Pitch -Logistic Infotech, and Box Loader & Weather Wiggy – Rhinoda. Thanks to all their hard work and teaming with me to bring my ideas to life to the masses. I really appreciate the Mammoth Editorial-Video Production team of Brian T for the YouTube video production. Thanks to My Marketing Teams Marketing 360 & Main street Host. A special thanks to “The Mobile Download” newsletter team and writer Colleen Adams for reporting on relevant topics to keep the audience informed and working with our great Sponsors. Lastly thanks to Bo and the team at Logo'd Gear for collaborating with me on the apparel and accessories.