About Box Loader 2 - Millennium

Box Loader 2 – Millennium
The Story Continues!

Box Loader 2 – Millennium Begins Where The Illustrated Book "Box Loader 2 - Hazar's Revenge" Left Off

Cargo and R-Cycle have been recruited by The Government to save the planet from utter destruction by using their super recycling powers! With your help, the courageous heroes go to battle against the evil alien Litterbug Leader Lord Hazar to thwart his plans to destroy our planet with litter!

Lord Hazar sends his Evil Litterbug Agents all around the world in disguise to weaken the earth with small litter attacks; setting the groundwork for his full-scale attack with his alien litterbug army.

It's up to Cargo and R-Cycle to travel the world and foil the wicked plan by recycling litter and capturing the Litterbug Agents.

Join the pair of Recycling Heros on their epic journey to save our planet! With your help surely they can defeat every level.

With the same Dynamic functions as the original Box Loader, you're sure to love this next installment.

Download the App Today and help them defeat the Litterbugs!


  • Animated Character Graphics
  • Visual/Sound/Music
  • Score Tracking
  • Colorful Boxes & Items
  • Additional Item Purchase Options
  • Touch Screen Gaming
  • Menu
  • Round Play
  • Share Scores

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