Exotic Adventures!

We all have a little Bear Grylls in us, right? That irresistible urge to cast-off the shackles of ‘city life’ and test our mettle in nature sans computers and phones and all our ‘toys.’  There is a certain longing in all of us to return to simpler times, simpler ways.  There is a part of all of us that wonders if we could measure-up in the face of the odds faced by our ancestors in more primitive times. And then there is the erosion of our natural resources (refer to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!) and how long we will actually have the CHOICE to cast ourselves into those environments to both revel in their beauty and also to challenge ourselves to survive there. One of those places are the glaciers in Alaska.  INTERST BEFORE/AFTER THE PICS OF VANISHING GLACIERS

Reid Glacier, 1899

A pair of northwest looking photographs, both taken from the same location on the southwest side of Reid Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, showing the changes that have occurred to Reid Glacier during a period of more than a century, between June 10, 1899 and September 6, 2003. The 1899 photograph is taken towards the northwest and shows the approximately 60 meter (197 foot) high tidewater terminus of the then retreating Reid Glacier. The hillside in the foreground is covered by a few centimeters (inches) of snow. No trees are present on the hillside or on any other surface in the field of view. A few icebergs of various sizes are floating in the water in front of the glacier. Credit: usgs.gov

Northwestern Glacier, 2005

This photograph of the same location dates from August 12, 2005. In the roughly 60-80 years between photographs, Northwestern Glacier has retreated out of the field of view. Sedimentation and uplift have expanded the shore area and produced a marshy wetland covered by a diverse array of vegetation. Credit: Bruce F. Molnia/USGS In other words…this is an Exotic Adventure you had best plan SOON and take lots of pictures. We found a couple of cool Alaskan adventures we can recommend…check these out while before these massive giants of nature melt! Hold on for an exhilarating river-rafting ride along Mendenhall Glacier. During this half-day adventure, drive through Mendenhall Valley before climbing aboard a raft rowed by an experienced guide. Float along for six miles around the foot of the glacier, through winding stretches of Class II and III whitewater rapids. Soak up gorgeous mountain scenery, and wrap up the day with a delicious snack. Families, beginners and the more experienced are all welcome! Hotel transport from Juneau included. Highlights 3.5-hour rafting tour of Mendenhall Glacier from Juneau See the glacier from a totally unique perspective Your rafting guide will lead you through Class II and III rapids, making for a fun and exhilarating experience You choose if you’d like to help paddle or just sit back and enjoy the ride Alaskan-style snacks will be provided Suitable for all ages and no prior experience is required Hotel pickup and drop-off included What You Can Expect Mendenhall Glacier Rafting While in Juneau, get up close to Alaska’s impressive Mendenhall Glacier on this family-friendly, exciting 3.5-hour rafting tour. After hotel pickup, enjoy a pleasant drive up Mendenhall Valley. Upon arrival at Mendenhall Lake, receive a safety briefing for your rafting journey, which lasts approx. 1.5 to 2 hours. The Class II and III whitewater rapids you’ll encounter are safe — appropriate for novices and experienced rafters, as well as families.Each raft holds up to 12 passengers and is rowed by a guide. Seeking hands-on fun? Go ahead and join a paddle-raft team. Then, travel across the lake dotted with icebergs, and set course on a nearby river to begin a 6-mile (9.6-km) route. Enjoy unparalleled views of the glacier, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along the way, including bald eagles, black bears, otters and seals, and salmon during spawning season.Note the towering mountains rising above a valley floor and lush forests as you make your way through river features like Pin Ball Alley, Tourist Trap and Moon Flats. A photographer on shore will capture shots of your rafting adventure (available for purchase as a great souvenir).Reach the last stretch and celebrate with an Alaskan-style snack, along with a cup of Martha’s Mendenhall Madness (a heady wine cocktail) or hot cider. Enjoy a relaxing drive back to your Juneau hotel. Read more about Mendenhall Glacier Rafting Tour from Juneau – Juneau | Viator at: http://www.viator.com/tours/Juneau/Mendenhall-Glacier-Rafting-Tour-from-Juneau/d941-5474FLOAT?aid=vcps
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