Gaming applications are a great way to keep kids occupied. With the millions of gaming apps available for Android and iOS mobile phones, it can be difficult trying to monitor which games are appropriate for your children. Some gaming applications may be too violent or complicated for young children, so it’s important to do your research before downloading games on your mobile phone or tablet device. At C-Note Enterprises, we’re passionate about designing unique gaming applications that are fun for the whole family. Our gaming app aficionados have come together to compile a list of the top 3 Android and IOS games for children, so you can be well prepared when your little one wants to play on your smartphone.

#1 Children’s Gaming App: Box Loader

Box Loader is a fun and exciting gaming app that your child is sure to love. Available for free on iTunes, this game revolves around the main character named Cargo. Cargo is a former delivery driver who has dedicated his life to saving the planet through recycling. Throughout this educational and intriguing gaming application, Cargo sets out on a mission to catch falling boxes and other items from the sky to recycle them into his partner R-Cycle. Each round offers the player 90 seconds to stack and load boxes before the timer runs out. Your child will enjoy this gaming app’s easy-to-use touch screen functionality as they attempt to recycle all of the boxes falling from the sky! You also have the option of upgrading this gaming app to change the falling boxes into your choice of falling cakes, fish, balls and food. Download Box Loader for your child today!  

#2 Children’s Gaming App: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a great gaming app for young children who are still in their early stages of learning. Through this interactive game, your child will learn about shapes, counting, puzzles and colors. When you start the application, the monkey will open his lunchbox with a new lesson and he will ask your child to help him solve a variety of puzzles. You can’t lose points for making a mistake, which teaches children that wrong guesses are a simple part of the learning process. With an array of bright colors and fun activities, this gaming app will have your child engaged in no time, not to mention the controls are very simple to use.

#3 Children’s Gaming App: Endless Alphabet

If you’re looking for a unique and interactive mobile app to keep your child entertained, you’ll love Endless Alphabet. This educational gaming app helps teach young children their ABC’s using adorable and colorful monsters. With more than 50 words to explore and learn, your child will love navigating through interactive puzzles with talking letters and fun animations that will illustrate definitions. One of the best things about this gaming app is that it allows kids to learn at their own pace, without and stress and pressure of timers. C-Note Enterprises is a leader of fun and interactive mobile applications for children and adults. Download Box Loader, Idea Pitch, or Weather Wiggy today!